James Schaller: India Untouchables, What the World Does Not See
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James Schaller: India Untouchables, What the World Does Not See

Over the years I have been honored to have many friends from India. They were mostly physicians, and now more are human rights activists and Christian leaders working for liberation.


Liberation from what was my ignorant thinking a year ago?

In 2010, I had utterly no clue about the untouchables and the untold millions that Mother Teresa, and so many others were trying to help. At best, I am ashamed to say, I only realized there was some pockets of serious poverty.

Simply, India is the home of the largest human violence and degradation of humanity in all of human history. In the entire world, including all countries, what is continuing to occur is genocide, slavery, complete brutality in every form and immense sadist horror. Sound too dramatic? Read this and other articles we have posted and read Dr. Joseph D'souza's Dalit blog. His book, Dalit Freedom is stunningly not being read as it should be read, by someone who is a fusion of ambassador, national liberator, informal leader of tens of millions, and who has the experience and skills to communicate worldwide.

Why do people not read this book enough?

Perhaps he explained himself to some in Florida. His wife was a Dalit and he was an upper caste Roman Catholic, who had no prejudice against her, and loved her. But she said, "You have no idea about my India and my family, and that is required before we might marry.

So after many hours of many types of uncomfortable travel, they finally reached her people.

He was stunned beyond all words, and he knows how to speak, This was a part of his own country he never imagined could exist and he was undone and stunned to see such abuses of the people of his wife.

We do not know India. We watch some canned travel show with Dalits and others clearly suffering and the moderator goes on in a way that shows blindness. He talks of wonder while people are desolate all around him.

So why is Dr. Joseph D'souza not a household name?

Because we do not want to know about the gas chambers, and we do not want to face suffering and wonder if the rumors are true. We want to avoid thinking of misery. But meaningful service and joy comes from helping the Dalits in any way.

The Basics of Dalits

The 1/4 billion Outcastes are Untouchables and unsuitable for any contact with those who are human—in a higher caste. The India constitution is a joke when it comes to protecting them and truly ending the caste system.

The word "Dalit" means approximately "ground", "suppressed", "crushed", or "broken to pieces. The word correctly expresses their "weakness, poverty and humiliation at the hands of the upper castes in the Indian society."

How Dalits Work

In Hindu society, Dalit jobs are ritually impure jobs, such as the handling of feces and urine, butchering, trash removal, handling dead animals. They are street, bathroom and sewer cleaners.

These activities pollute and this is contagious. Therefore, Dalits are banned from full participation in Hindu social life—they might be killed if they enter a temple, a school, and were required to stay outside the village.

Most Dalits are Hindus, although a good percent have converted to Buddhism.


Muslim society in India also has a caste-like groups. Lower-caste converts are discriminated against by "noble" Muslims who can trace their descent to Arab, Iranian, or other genetic or ethnic roots.